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Dressings So Good You Can Drink It Straight from the Bottle.™

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Yaya's White Balsamic Dressing
YaYa's Greek Dressing
YaYa's Balsamic Dressing
Yaya's Italian Dressing
YaYa's White French Dressing
Yaya's Poppy Seed Dressing
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Proceeds from our White French Dressing
served at the Akron City & Barberton Hospitals
Salad Bars provide care and comfort for
Summa Hospice Care Patients

Elevate Your Salad with Yaya's Salad Dressings

Fox News Morning Show
as seen on:
Mark Graziani on
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Watch owner Mark Graziani create easy, delicious and nutritious salads!

Listen to Radio Host Mike Trivisonno
talk about Yaya's Salad Dressing on
WTAM 1100 AM!
Radio Host Mike Trivisonno and Chef Mark Graziani.
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WTAM-AM - Weekday Afternoon Drive - MF 3
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Make Salads Exciting with Yaya's Dressings and Recipes

Yaya's Dressing Display
Yaya's Salad Dressings can be found in
your grocer's produce section.
Mark Graziani
Yaya's Salad Dressing Display
Yaya's Dressing Display.
Mark Graziani - owner and creator of Yaya's
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